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Photo by Jarvie & Jones

Photo by Jarvie & Jones

My name's Kate and I am a Glasgow-based photographer. I also offer photography services in Edinburgh and the surrounding area. I am an in-home or on-location photographer. This means that I come to you to take the photos or we can meet at the location of your choice. 

I specialize in family, maternity and baby photoshoots. In addition I also photograph performers and food.

Photos are valuable. A photo can freeze time - our  happy times, important people and our achievements. There is always joy in being able to look back at photos, safe in the knowledge that we get to say 'didn't we look young?' Wouldn't it also be wonderful if in generations to come curious family members can look at photos of you and your achievements? That's why I advocate printing your photos, rather than just owning them in a digital form and why I offer both digital images and prints.

Contact me for further info or for a quote. Either use the CONTACT ME form (button above) or email: katecurryphotography-info@yahoo.co.uk 

Further info can be found in pricing, galleries and blog

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To book a photography session contact me: katecurryphotograhy-info@yahoo.co.uk or click here: 

Booking Kate Curry Photography For A Photo Session - So What Happens?

Photo Session Timeline....

1)  After an enquiry I will provisionally hold your photo session date for seven days.

2) Within seven days I ask you to sign an online contract and make initial payment of the session fee to secure the date.

3) I will send you a reminder before the photo session.

4) Photo session - woo hoo! I either come to you for an in-home session, or we can meet in an agreed venue. 

5) Editing can take up to two weeks. Once the editing is finished I will email you a link to a private online photo gallery, containing all your photos. From the gallery you can choose photos and products, pay for them where necessary and download digital images. A memory stick is available for an additional fee.

6) Any physical products you have ordered will be delivered to you within two weeks of the online order. 

Photo Session Frequently Asked Questions

1. Family Photography (maternity, baby, families etc.)

Where do you take photos?

I work in Glasgow, Edinburgh and their surrounding areas. I come to you to take the photos - either to your own home or we can meet at a location of your choice (permits allowing).

I would like to request that you come to take photos in our home, but I am unsure as to the suitability of our house.

Most houses are suitable. Scheduling a photo session during daylight hours is best, but I will bring lighting with me - for grey days , dark rooms or evening appointments. It is best to find a clutter-free corner if possible, but I can also provide a backdrop where required.

What other types of venue suit a photography shoot?

If you have a garden  this can work well. Other outdoor alternatives include any local parks, beaches or areas of greenery.  More unusual indoor areas I have used in the past include places of work, local village halls and a shopping centre!

What is involved in a baby photography session?

I bring a collection of blankets and throws to pose and wrap baby in. I also like to incorporate any props or items you also have. I usually use a bed or sofa to do this on, but baby chairs and carry cots can work nicely too. My posing style generally is very natural. A warm room is best and will hopefully help with keeping baby nice and relaxed during the session. It is best to pick a time of day when baby is naturally sleeping - as sleeping babies offer a greater flexibility for posing. Giving baby a bath beforehand and making sure they are well fed can also help promote sleep. During a baby photography session I also like to take family photos, including parents, siblings and pets. People who are uncomfortable being in photos can still take part if they wish, in shots including just their hands/ over the shoulder etc.

How long do family photography sessions last?

Sessions generally last between one and two hours - but that depends upon the number of subjects and the environment etc. If children aren't feeling up to it sessions can be shorter or longer as required.

How many photos can I expect?

I aim to produce 40+ photos that are available from each session.

Any further family photography questions?

Contact me through this website or email me at: katecurryphotography-info@yahoo.co.uk

2. Photography of Performers

I photograph a range of performing arts - bands, circus skills performers (including aerial performers), dance, burlesque, comedy and stage photography. To see examples of my work see the performers gallery and pricing for more info. Or you can contact me through this website, or email on: Katecurryphotography-info@yahoo.co.uk.

For an additional £15 (plus postage), they can be provided also on a memory stick.

To book a session contact me: katecurryphotograhy-info@yahoo.co.uk or contact me through this website.

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