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I work as a photographer in Glasgow and Edinburgh specializing in family photography and performance photography. This blog post is a departure, but when I heard that my mum was moving home it inspired me to take some macro garden photos . She has lived in her current house for the last 15 years or so. So it's a place I think of fondly - and although I didn't live here as a child, it's still home to me too. One of the aspects of the house I like the most is the garden.

"A house is made of walls and beams. A home is built with love and dreams." - Dr William Ward.

Common Foxgloves

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I knew foxgloves were hairy on the inside of the flowers - but on the outside? You can make out tiny hairs all over the flowers in this photo.

Insects (Common House Fly & Aphid)

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Sick of close up photos of bees and butterflies? An alternative for you. Up-close all insects are pretty fascinating. How is it possible that an aphid can be cute?


This is as much a study of the water droplets on the rose, after some rain, than of the rose itself. I like the areas where the flower is starting to get past its best.

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This is a single petalled rose and very beautiful in a completely different way. I love the way that the water looks like it stains the petals and the petals look like they have been painted with watercolours.

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These roses all grow around the lawn at the bottom of the garden. One of my favourite childhood memories and a sound I still love to hear is of lawnmowers in the distance on a sunny day. I feel safe and happy knowing it's probably a weekend and the weather is good.


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This grows near the window of the living room. So even when indoors you can enjoy the hydrangea that almost always seems to be either in bloom in some form. I love the variegated colours of the flowers.

Flowering grass

Is it supposed to be there? Probably not. Is it pretty when examined up close? Yep!

Lady's Mantle

So, if my aim is to take garden photos - why focus in on the detail, rather than the larger garden? Family photos of specific events can bring back specific memories - a Christmas, a Christening, a Wedding etc. But it's the details that sometimes can get lost and the tiniest detail can evoke the strongest cherished memories: the tinsel, the buttons of an old coat, a photo of a baby's tiny fingernails.

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I am a photographer based in Glasgow, but I also work in Edinburgh. See more of my nature and wildlife photography work here in my gallery. To see examples of my family photography or photos of performers please see my galleries or look me up on Facebook. Contact me through this website or email me if you would like to find out more about buying my work or hiring me: info@katecurryphotography.co.uk 

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