Frosty Garden, Cambuslang

"Barrug" - the fine & featherlike frost that forms when water vapour freezes fast onto surfaces; often appearing after clear, wind-calm nights (Welsh) - from Robert Macfarlane's word of the day Twitter account.

We are currently experiencing a wet winter. There were a couple of days of thick frost last year though.

The photo above is a close up of frost crystals on a spider’s web. It makes me wonder where the spider is. I hope it found somewhere to hide from the frosts.

The ice crystals on this forget-me-not have formed into ‘needles’ making it look pine tree-like.

The structures above are more like hexagonal plates of frost rather than the spiky ice on the forget-me-nots.

I also took photos on a morning when the frost was much lighter and was non-existent in some parts of the garden.

Despite being lighter the frost still formed little feathery spikes.

The same light frosts coated the last autumn flowers. They look like they've been sprinkled in sugar.

My fern was unaffected by the frosts. The same can’t be said for my herbaceous plants that finally died down for the winter. These frosts also finally decimated my annuals.

I think this is yarrow. It came from a packet of mixed seeds. I am also not sure that it actually came from the packet of seeds. I found it difficult to tell.

One of the last Acer leaves on my tree glittered with frost. The Acer started with green leaves that turned red in autumn. We only got to enjoy the leaves for a few weeks though before they fell.

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