Little Girl and Mum in a Nostalgic Vintage Photoshoot, Glasgow

I have been fortunate enough to be employed in a project taking some mother baby photography for Fiona Poliri, a vintage make-up and hair artist based in Glasgow. A volunteer NCT breastfeeding peer supporter Fiona wanted to set up photography shoots to promote breastfeeding. Although I am not sharing the breastfeeding photos from the shoots here, they will be made available by Fiona herself.

The first lovely lady I met was Francesca with her beautiful daughter.

"Love doesn't need reason. It speaks from the irrational wisdom of the heart" - Deepak Chopra

  • Mother and toddler, Glasgow
  • Mother and toddler
  • Mother and toddler, Glasgow

The wee toddler was smiling away and in a good mood for our photoshoot. During any family photoshoot I like to capture the details of a child that may otherwise be quickly forgotten. I  chose to focus in on mother and daughter holding hands during the breastfeeding session. I have learnt through these sessions that feeding is a magical time where mother and child bond and have a special kind of closeness.

  • Mother and toddler holding hands
  • Mother holding hands with her toddler daughter, Glasgow

Fiona's own toddler was around during these photos and also had a turn in front of the camera in her toy car. 

  • Toddler with blonde hair
  • Toddler with blonde hair
  • Toddler with blonde hair, Glasgow

I like capturing natural moments during photo sessions, as well as those that are posed.


'You have time' - Rachel Kushner

  • Toddler's hand, Glasgow

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