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Maternity Photoshoot, Glasgow

I was invited to take pregnancy portrait photography for a lovely Glasgow lady and her lovely Glasgow husband, in their lovely Glasgow flat. I had the good fortune of also being able to include her gorgeous wee cat in the photoshoot. The couple were looking for a lifestyle oriented shoot, which suits my photography style down to the ground.

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another. - Thomas Merton

Wherever your heart is. That is where you'll find your treasure - Paulo Coelho

  • Black and white cat, Glasgow

The couple live in a beautiful old Glasgow tenement building. The road outside their house was full of autumnal trees and so I started the shoot outside.

  • Couple, taken during a maternity shoot, Glasgow
  • Pregnant couple, outside their home, Glasgow
  • Expectant couple, Glasgow
  • Expectant couple kissing, Glasgow
  • Pregnant couple holding hands, Glasgow
  • Pregnant couple, kissing outside their home, Glasgow
  • Expectant couple, Glasgow

Back inside the flat the couple had furnished with great taste. Their flat was fitted out with retro items and second hand goods. It oozed hipster coolness. We were followed by the couple's cat, who was curious to see what was going on and to join in. I was keen to show off the interior of their living room.

  • Couple relaxing on sofa together, with their cat. Glasgow
  • Father's hands on mother's pregnant belly, Glasgow
  • Father's hands on mother's pregnant belly, Glasgow
  • Expectant couple holding baby booties, Glasgow
  • Expectant couple on sofa, Glasgow

The next part of the photo session involved taking solo portraits of the mother-to-be. This really gives a chance to show off the bump and produce a beautiful reminder of the pregnancy. 

  • Pregnancy bump and baby hat, Glasgow
  • Pregnant ladie's torso, Glasgow
  • Pregnant lady, Glasgow
  • Pregnant lady, Glasgow
  • Pregnant lady, Glasgow

You are full of unshaped dreams... 

You are laden with beginnings....

There is hope in you - Lola Ridge

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