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Glasgow Nightscape

Until recently I lived in a flat in the Gorbals. Before moving I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful view - which was especially great at night. We moved just before Christmas - which made the view even better - even more colours and lights in the windows of the surrounding buildings. 

I lived somewhere where you could really see a lot of the centre of Glasgow from the flat. In the photos above you can see Nelsons Monument on Glasgow Green. Nelsons Monument was built in 1806 and was constructed the year after Nelsons death, which was at the Battle of Trafalgar. It is 44 metres tall - which is tall, but it's dwarfed by the high rise flats in my eye line which I think are around 70 metres tall.

I love the lens flare that can clearly be seen on these nightscape photos. It's also really strange to me to see how the camera can make buildings that really aren't that close to each other look as if they are. 

I love how even the most mundane looking high rise can look really cool at night - everyone's lights a slightly different shade in the photo. In front of the high rises is St Francis Community Centre. I like the roof of this building - with its row of crosses going right across the ridge of the roof. I suspect that when it was originally built in 1861 that it would have been one of the highest buildings in the Gorbals and so such details would be easily noticed by most people, but these days it’s surrounded by buildings that are equally tall and it’s only from an elevated view that I would notice them.

You can see that some of the rooms in this photo have a slightly different colour in each photo. I suspect that this will have been caused by colour changing fairy lights. It produces a really cool looking multi-coloured building from afar.

Could you get a more Glaswegian nightscape than this one? It’s the Glasgow City Chambers and the Met Building behind it, with its large pink ‘People Make Glasgow’ banner.

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