Cherished Memories: Playtime Pillow Fights At A Glasgow Grandchildren's Photoshoot

I was asked to take a photo shoot in Glasgow by some lovely grandparents of their two grandchildren for Christmas.  As a mobile photographer I go to people's houses and as well as more formal shots I like to take natural pictures of the children interacting with family members and having fun (more like 'lifestyle' photography.) As anyone who has tried to take photos of children knows, one of the biggest challenges is to keep the kids occupied and happy in front of the camera. So with the help of their wonderful grandparents we came up with a few different ways of getting natural looking photos of genuine happy-faced wee ones. Above everything else, I believe that,  having your photo taken should be fun for everyone involved. It's what will shine through in the finished snap.

It can really help to decide before taking photos where in the house would make for a good background. During this shoot a lot of the photos were taken on and around Grandma and Grandpa's bed, which had beautiful light grey covers on and a lovely light blue wall behind it.

#1: Pillow Fights

  • Toddler brother and 6 year old sister pillow fight, Glasgow
  • Two young siblings have a pillow fight, Glasgow

The next idea was blowing bubbles for the kids .I f there's one thing I have learnt as a family photographer it is that most children LOVE bubbles. You can get some lovely reactions when they are used whilst taking pictures.

#2: Bubbles!

  • Children with amazed faces, Glasgow
  • Grandchildren transfixed by bubbles, Glasgow

I always bring along with me a few soft toys and finger puppets to keep kids occupied. But of course they are usually accompanied by their own favourites too.

#3: Soft Toys

  • Siblings posing with cuddly toys, Glasgow
  • Grandparents with the grandchildren a finger puppet and a toy mouse, Glasgow

Balloons are bright, colourful and just like bubbles float through the air. And also like bubbles kids just love them and they offer a nice prop to use during a photoshoot.

#4: Balloons

  • 6 year old girl with pink balloon, Glasgow
  • Glaswegian Toddler Playihg with Orange Balloon

Grandma and Grandpa gave their full permission for the next idea to keep the kids engaged in the process of having their photos taken! In fact they suggested it: jumping on the bed - which made for some great, lively photos.

#5: Jumping On the Bed - With Grandma's Approval

  • Glaswegian little girl jumps on bed wearing pink Scotland strip
  • 6 year old girl bouncing on grandparent's bed, Glasgow

One staple favourite is also food....

#6: Food

  • Glasgow Toddler Eating Apple

With all other techniques out of the way, at the end of the day children still love hugs with their favourite people - whom are often their grandparents.

#7: Grandma

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