Day In The Life of a Toddler

I really enjoy being able to take toddler photo shoots that genuinely reflect a family's lifestyle and I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time with Tilly and her family. Tilly the toddler is bright and lively. Spending a bit of time together allows me to capture daily life and I believe that such photos will bring back many nostalgic memories in years to come.

I started taking photos at Tilly’s Granny’s house. Tilly settled down for a bottle on Granny's lap just before a nap. When she visits her Granny this is the only time she gets to sleep on someone's lap anymore and also when she gets to have her beloved bottle. These times are treasured by both Tilly and Granny.

  • Granddaughter and grandmother, black & white portrait photography
  • Black & white portrait photography, family portrait photography

Back at Tilly’s house she showed me some of her favourite things one of which, of course, is chocolate. However the chocolate didn't quite make it into the photos.... Her other favourite things are her dollies and she loves lip balm. It makes her feel grown up.

  • Kids portrait photography
  • Kids portrait photography
  • Little girl, Kids portrait photography

We then went into the garden where we were joined by one of her big sisters. And also a fly..... Tilly is still of the age where when you say 'smile' she kind of knows what you mean but performing a natural smile on command is a bit tricky. After all it is still tricky for some of us grown-ups too. It's a lot easier to capture a natural smile when she's genuinely happy. 

  • Black and white portrait photography, Little girl, Kids portrait photography
  • Sisters, Kids portrait photography
  • Sisters, Kids portrait photography

A quick stop for a spot of lunch...

  • Child and mother, photoshoot in home

Tilly's mum wanted a quick dress change for Tilly. Tilly loves pretty dresses but of course then had to balance up the pink by showing me some of her best super hero moves. 

  • Little girl, Kids portrait photography
  • Little girl, Kids portrait photography

Time for a final shot of Mummy and Tilly together.

I like taking photos of feet - they are a good marker to show a child's growth. One day she can look back and see how tiny her feet were. 

  • Kid's feet with her mummy, family portrait photography
  • Child and mother, family portrait photography

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