Vintage Family Photography Home Session, Lenzie

I have been fortunate enough to be involved with a portrait photography project for a vintage hair and make-up artist, Fiona Poliri. She has recruited me to take photos of vintage-styled women who are breastfeeding. She is setting up the project to promote breastfeeding in general and to provide information and support to breastfeeding women.

The lady who I had the pleasure of photographing in this session was dressed in a beautiful red dotty dress. Her daughter was also matching in red and this mother’s look was topped off with red lipstick and a lovely red flower. The spots in the dress were also complimented by the dotty curtains behind.

Although not sharing the breastfeeding photos here, I am sharing some of the shots taken in between feeding. Any breastfeeding Mum will know it's often not a straight forward activity - such as an adult sitting down to eat tea. Especially in the novel situation of a photo shoot, there's so much to see that feeding often happens in fits and starts.

The vintage look is definitely on-trend at the moment. It often is associated with a more alternative or ‘hipster’ crowd. Melding two different looks often works well together, as sometimes a pure vintage look can seem old-fashioned to the modern eye.

I like working with a mixture of light. I always bring artificial lighting with me to a photo shoot. I find that working in Scotland, light is often just not bright enough otherwise. However I also love turning off the lights from time to time and using natural light where I can. It often provides a beautiful atmosphere to photos, as with the photo below.

About Me

I am a Glasgow-based family photographer and I am a 'home-visit' photographer - which means that I come to you to take the photos. This allows you to show off home and hearth if you wish, or I can provide backdrops instead. I shoot maternity, baby and family photography sessions, as well as performance photography. If you are interested in finding out more about booking a session please either email me (katecurryphotography-info@yahoo.co.uk) or use the 'contact me to book' button at the top of this page. For information see pricing or for more photos see galleries.

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