Vintage Styled Twin Babies Family Shoot, Lenzie

I felt very blessed to be asked to take some family photographs of this beautiful family with two very young baby twin girls in Glasgow. The twins had unfortunately been born prematurely. The twins were 3 1/2 months old, but the equivalent size of 1 1/2 month olds. They were amazingly well behaved however throughout the whole family photo shoot.

The session was taken as part of a project organised by Fiona Poliri, a vintage hair and make-up stylist based in Glasgow. The project is to promote breastfeeding and involves taking photos of mums feeding their babies. She gives each Mum a vintage look. At the end of each shoot I also take some time to take family photos without breastfeeding, some of which are shown here.

Firstly however during breastfeeding I took some shots of the twins serenely feeding and of the details of their crossed hands and feet as they happily fed next to each other.

Dad, although feeling initially cautious, did take part in having photos taken too. Hopefully in years to come the photos will provide a nice memory of when his girls were small.

Time for some more close ups of the individual babies' hands and feet.

  • Baby's feet
  • Baby's feet
  • Baby's hand next to mother's hand

The twins are so similar at this age that they have painted a toenail of one of the twins to help distinguish which one is which.

Here is another photo of the Dad snuggling with one of his daughters.

  • Baby girl being held by father

One twin was taken away by Mum for a quick nappy change, which was the natural conclusion to that twin's moments in front of the camera. This left Dad with the other baby. Dad being the master of getting this particular wee one to smile in an adorable way for the camera lens.

  • Baby girl being held by father
  • Baby girl with father
  • Laughing baby girl being held by father
  • Baby girl and father

Time for some final cuddles with Dad, before finishing the photography session.

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