Newborn Baby Photos, North Berwick

Just a few weeks ago I had been taking photos of this Momma for her maternity session. Now I was invited back to North Berwick following the birth of her tiny weeny little bundle of joy - a little girl to add to the family - in order to take newborn baby photos.

I like to start photo sessions by taking detail shots. Anyone who has read the other baby photo blogs on my website will know that I like feet photos. Babys’ feet are so cute and all too soon they grow a lot bigger.

  • Baby's feet, North Berwick.

This newborn had just started a phenomenal feed-fest. The times when a newborn is hungry all the time are usually correlated with growth spurts. This little lady fed consistently for a whole week and pushed herself into the 75th percentile. So going with the flow during the session was the order of the day, such as this photo of her being burped.

  • Baby being burped, North Berwick

I took lots of breastfeeding photos but I always ask my mothers if they are okay with me sharing these photos online or not. The mother pictured here preferred her privacy, which I fully respect.

  • Mother and baby, taken at an in-home family photography session, North Berwick
  • Mother and baby, North Berwick

There are many breastfeeding-related shots that can be taken during a session which don’t show the feeding itself. Below are shown the wee yin’s tiny ear next to her Mummy's hand and her tiny feet tucked into the chair.

  • Newborn's ear, North Berwick
  • Baby's feet, North Berwick

There was lots of snuggling during this session and lots of trying to get wee one to sleep. But it was not to be, she was very focused on feeling hungry.

  • Mother and baby, North Berwick

It's so obvious to see the love between Mother and babe. 

  • Mother kissing nose of baby, North Berwick
  • Mother and baby, North Berwick

What goes in must come out... So naturally another one of a newborn’s skills, in addition to feeding, is pooping. That and sleeping. So I was able to get a few discreet shots of the wee one during a nappy change.

  • Newborn baby on changing mat, North Berwick
  • Newborn baby on changing mat, North Berwick
  • Newborn on changing mat, North Berwick

The wee one was starting to show signs that she might be feeling a bit chilly, so she was warmly wrapped up for some portraits.

  • Newborn baby, North Berwick
  • Newborn baby, North Berwick
  • Newborn baby, North Berwick
  • Newborn baby, North Berwick

Another shot of a teeny tiny foot escaping the blanket.

  • Newborn foot, North Berwick

During photos with her big sister, this new little sister was finally starting to feel sleepy.

  • Young girl with her yawning baby sister, North Berwick
  • Young girl and her newborn baby sister, North Berwick
  • Big sister with her newborn little sister, North Berwick

The shots below are of the whole family with their newest addition.

  • Mum, Dad, young daughter and newborn baby sister, North Berwick
  • Mum, Dad, young daughter and newborn baby sister, North Berwick

Three lovely ladies and two generations snuggled together for a photo to celebrate the happy arrival.

  • Mum, young daughter and newborn baby sister, North Berwick

I think you’ll agree that this young lady is looking very proud of becoming a big sister.

  • Smiling girl, North Berwick

Some final snuggles as baby finally drifts off to sleep.

  • Newborn feet, North Berwick
  • Newborn getting cuddles and kisses from Mum, North Berwick

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