Lockdown Garden

In a fast moving world it was with mixed feelings that I greeted lockdown. It was scary but anxieties sat alongside a slowed pace of life that was really quite pleasant. As a photographer I decided to document my garden – instead of the food and family photography that are my normal work.

I bought some pansies during the winter. They brought colour to the garden at a time when it was looking a bit sorry for itself. This is the first full year I have been in this new build house where I got to stock the garden from scratch. So this is the first year I have seen the consequences of buying lots of herbaceous perennials, which are deciduous and disappear during the winter.

I love my fritillaries - one of the first flowers to bloom in spring and still going strong at the beginning of lockdown.

In the drizzly Scottish weather a flower covered in rain drops can be transformed into a beautiful jewel.

I am lucky to have some white fritillaries too.

The leaves on my newly planted plum tree started to show up during spring. Well I thought they were leaves - turns out the first buds were actually flowers. It was planted as a bare root plant in winter without any leaves.

April brought with it a lot of sunshine for my plants to kick-start growth.

Alongside the happy flowers loving the sunshine, were the happy weeds in our lawn. I have seen the most massively leaved clover ever.

I bought this Carex to help fill a dark and damp part of the garden. It was a big surprise when it grew these amazing grass flowers - one of the joys of the first full year in our garden.

We planted a really beautiful Acer during the winter but it got waterlogged. It started to get leaves in Spring and we were very relieved - it made it through the winter, it's going to be okay. Nope. Firstly the leaves were very small and didn't grow bigger. Next the lower two branches wilted. We took it out of the ground and put it in a pot and saw the ground it was in was saturated. But instead of recovering it went on to completely die back - so this is the only photo of a bit of a disaster.

Last year a packet of mixed seeds yielded some calendulas. Due to the mild winter they didn't die off and have gone on this year to be some of the brightest and best flowers in the garden - their plants are huge and have a proliferation of bright yellow and orange flowers.

The photo below right is taken 18 days after the flower buds on our plum tree first appeared, so the flowers are in full bloom. The photo on the left is a beautiful pink bluebell.

About Me

I am a photographer working in Glasgow and Edinburgh who takes photos of families, food and performers. But I also enjoy photography of nature and wildlife and garden photography. I exhibit my work. If you are interested in getting in touch either email me: info@katecurryphotography.co.uk or contact me through this website. To see more of my work see my galleries.

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