Sunny Maternity Photoshoot

I was lucky enough to be able to take some maternity pregnancy photography of my pregnant friend Vicky. She was due any day and the baby was born just 6 days after this maternity photoshoot.

  • Pregnant lady
  • Pregnancy bump and number of weeks sign

Vicky brought along a maternity top to wear that her sister had worn during her own recent pregnancy . At points in the shoot I had to remind myself which sister was being photographed. It's amazing how much clothing can change our recognition of someone and evoke memories.

  • Pregnant lady taken on a maternity photo shoot, taken from above.

I am a mobile photographer. No - not someone who uses a mobile phone! Someone who travels to their clients homes to take photo sessions. During this shoot I took photos in the conservatory of her sister's house. It was a lovely spring day outside and the light flooded in. This meant it was nice and warm, but also that I had to work with the light in a way that didn't leave Vicky squinting or give harsh shadows. Luckily the pattern of light coming in actually did cause some lovely effects.

  • Pregnant lady, taken on a maternity photo shoot.
  • Pregnant lady, taken on a maternity photo shoot
  • Pregnant lady, taken on a maternity photo shoot
  • Pregnant lady, taken on a maternity photo shoot

The next set of shots were taken to show off some of the unique aspects that make Vicky, well, Vicky. First and foremost a maternity shoot is a celebration of pregnancy and of her beautiful baby belly. So the baby bump needed of course to take centre stage. But Vicky also has hair the colour of fire and a really cool tattoo on her chest. The plain green wrap not only helped to both show off the tattoo, but also accentuated the colour of her hair. Aside from this Vicky had very beautiful long eyelashes.

  • Pregnant lady, sitting cross legged
  • Pregnant lady taken from above
  • Pregnant lady sitting cross legged, taken during a maternity photo shoot

I chose a sheer fabric with fantastical soft rainbow colours to use. The sheer fabric allowed her belly to show through the fabric and also complimented the red tones of her hair. 

  • Pregnant lady
  • Pregnant lady posing in front of window wearing a rainbow wrap

Taking photos of the bump from above really shows off just how large it gets so close to birth. I especially wanted to take a Vicky's-eye view shot, to help her evoke memories her own view of the bump, in years to come.

  • Pregnant lady
  • Pregnant lady
  • Pregnancy bump
  • Baby belly and toes

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