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Family Photography Session With Twin Baby Girls, Glasgow

I was invited to a photo shoot in Glasgow - a family photography session by the proud parents of twin baby girls. I am a mobile photographer, so I went to their home in Glasgow to take the photos. The girls were 4 months old at the time of the photo shoot. The twins were really well behaved throughout the family photo shoot. I started the session by taking a group shot of all four family members together. I was informed that the twins had just started taking notice of each other, but mostly ignored one another. I was therefore lucky to get photos showing the girls interacting - even if it was just through meaningful gazes, with occasional cheeky exchanged grins.

  • Mother, father and twin baby girls, Glasgow
  • Mother, father and their baby twin girls, Glasgow

I asked the parents to give the girls aeroplanes whilst back to back. This gives a nice symmetry to the picture. It also shows the girls looking at each other whilst up in the air. 

  • Mum and dad holding their baby twin daughters in the air, Glasgow

Personally I can't get enough of tiny baby feet. I took photos of the feet of both girls. The latter girl is being held by dad, over by the window to give nice natural light.

  • Baby's feet, Glasgow
  • Baby's foot, Glasgow
  • Baby foot, Glasgow

Next it was dad's turn to sit for his portrait with the girls - one of whom was asleep and one of whom was getting pretty sleepy. It's hard work posing for photos. Although I was quite rightly informed that it's even harder work being the parents of twin baby girls.

  • Father and baby girl twins, Glasgow
  • Father and his baby girl twins

Next for some photos of the girls themselves. At this point they were resting on their mother's lap and both feeling very contented.

  • Baby twins, Glasgow

It was important to the family that mum was able to get photos of herself with the girls. She is the photographer of the family and usually the one holding the camera. And I am sure this is the case with a lot of families.

  • Baby twin girls and their mother, Glasgow
  • Mother and baby girl twins, Glasgow

Below are some individual black and white photos with the girls and their parents.

  • Black and white photo of mother and baby daughter, Glasgow
  • Father and baby daughter, Glasgow

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