Playtime Family Photoshoot

I took some lifestyle family photographs during a relaxed play date recently. Lifestyle photography is documentary style and simply captures the action as it happens. This morning father and son were playing with toys and Lego. First toy of the morning was Marshall from Paw Patrol. Asking the four year old whether I can take a photo of Marshall first went down well. It helped to build a rapport and a sense of relaxation and fun.

  • Marshall, Paw Patrol cuddly toy
  • Marshall, Paw Patrol cuddly toy
  • Child with Marshall, Paw Patrol Cuddly Toy

This son seems to enjoy watching his father build the Lego sets, rather than actually building with the Lego himself. This may well be a familiar scene in households all over. So the question then is, is it really Daddy who loves the Lego? But no, wee yin loves to ask for Lego, Lego and more Lego when they are in toy shops. Apparently his specialist skill is sticking on the stickers. When that part comes up, he is the man to call. 

  • Father and son playing with Lego
  • Father and son playing with Lego
  • Father and son playing with Lego

It does bring up a certain amount of nostalgia too. Lego has been such an eternally popular kid's toy for so many years that it must also remind this father of his own childhood too.

  • Father and son playing wtih Lego
  • Young boy playing with Lego
  • Father and son playing with Lego
  • Child wearing his dad's socks
  • Preschool boy playiing with Lego

A child's imagination is endlessly inventive. The next toy on the playtime agenda are daddy's newly bought socks. Daddy is not especially impressed with this, but well, it's not really doing any harm! Dad just happened to mention how much he likes this particular brand and well, what is good enough for daddy......

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