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Since leaving my parent’s home I haven’t had the joy before of having a garden….until now. I love gardening.

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The flowers above are calendulas. They look fab grown in a patch of both yellow and orange alongside red poppies. I had a patch like this in front of the house this year.

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I have no idea what the flowers above are. They are from a packet of mixed seeds, which unhelpfully didn't tell me what the seeds were. They are all bee-friendly flowers though.

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These are Osteospermum daisies. They are also known as African Cape daisies. They close up with bad weather and at night, opening again with the first rays of sun. I wish I had noticed the fly creeping into shot; bluebottles are really pretty up close. I would have taken more of the fly.

Dahlias (above) are tender plants. So this year I had to wait until mid-December for frosts heavy enough to turn the leaves black so that I could dig the bulbs up and bring them indoors to overwinter. Even then the leaves didn’t go truly black - our winter has been so mild. I hope it will work and they flower again next year.

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The plant above is a Thalictrum. My husband bought it expecting for it to be a really tall plant - most Thalictrum is over a metre tall. But this one turned out to be teeny tiny. It was a dwarf Thalictrum of only 10cm high. Its delicate flowers are nonetheless very, very pretty.

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