Family Birthday Party

I was invited to a family birthday party in Holland, so of course I took my camera.

The main focus may have been the birthday party, but of course when a large group of people get together, especially when they haven’t seen each other in ages, many other catch ups happen too. The first meet up happened amongst the family’s more youthful members in a bar.

We were staying in the lovely Dutch seaside town of Noordwijk. It was sunny but cold but being next to the beach – you have to visit it anyway at some point don’t you?

The next meet up was in someone's home - the perfect opportunity to take some individual shots of some of the family members. Some people think of family photography solely as something which is done to capture images of children and babies. Well - that's not true! A family consists of much more than just the children. It's important to take photos of all the family members.

Let the birthday cards and presents flow. Birthday cards are extra special when they come from younger family members who sign them themselves. 

Birthdays are also about memorable food and drink - let the champagne flow and the birthday cake be served.

The main party of the birthday party was a nice meal in a local beach café. 

The following day there was time for photos taken during a trip to a nearby church.

About Me

I am a family photographer but I also enjoy travel photography - so why not combine the two together in this way? I am available to cover parties and gatherings of all kind. I am happy to help capture not only the people, but the larger context of the party too. I cover both Glasgow and Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. If you are interested in finding out about booking me for a party then do contact me either by email me: info@katecurryphotography.co.uk or contact me through this website. To see more of my work then see my family photography gallery.

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