A pair of feline house guests, Cambuslang

A friend I haven’t seen for a while contacted me out of the blue asking 'do you like cats?' This led to a couple of wonderful months looking after her very loving and lovely cats who came to stay with us in Cambuslang.

This is Cocoa. His likes include going for walks on a lead outside and sunny windowsills.

Here Cocoa is eating some grass. Luckily we had just moved into a house where we were forming a garden outside. This meant digging up turf to form borders – so we had plenty of squares of turf available for the cats to munch on. This pair were house cats but it is important for cats to have access to grass because it helps them with hair balls.

This is Lolli. Her likes include cardboard boxes and sitting on laps. include cardboard boxes and sitting on laps. Lolli is a little sheep though. When outside in the garden on her lead she would graze too much grass, come into the house and throw up.

Lolli enjoyed hanging out in my office with me whilst I was working. She loved squeezing herself in between me and my computer desk on my lap. Sometimes if I had some time I would carry her through to the living room to put her on my lap in there - thinking that it can't be a comfy position by my computer desk. Lolli would invariably then leave my lap to do something else - obviously being squashed in was actually attractive to her!

Having Lolli and Cocoa to stay then inspired us to get our own cats. Cats who, as I write, are also lying on our sunny landing - just as Cocoa is doing here.

How could you fail to be won over by this little face with its love heart nose? Getting our own cats though has taught us that every cat is different. We were disappointed to find that our current cats aren't into cardboard boxes at all and hated being on a lead - they are true outdoor cats.

I'll miss them but now they have been safely back reunited with their owner. 

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