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Sunrise Over The Gorbals

I am a family photographer and until recently I lived in the Gorbals, Glasgow in a fourth floor flat. The flat offered a fantastic view, especially at Sunrise. Being a photographer I enjoyed taking photos of these free displays of beauty.

Even in the space of a short amount of time (less than an hour) the sky can go all sorts of colours - from dramatic oranges to pinks and purples.

Sunrise is caused by the Earth's motion, rather than the Sun’s so it gives the viewer an opportunity to be aware of the earth's motion - something ordinarily we would never be able to tangibly witness. That’s pretty amazing.

It's also strange to understand that the Sun you may see rising, isn't actually the Sun - it's a mirage of the Sun caused by refraction of the earth's atmosphere - and the actual Sun is still below the horizon. It is once the real Sun is up that all the pretty colours disappear.

Sunrise often starts as oranges, when the Sun is furthest from the horizon, which fades through other colours to blue.

I love looking at the different cloud formations. The minds eye makes them into shapes - of far off land, forest and mountains. 

And can the birds also appreciate these colour changes? Apparently yes - birds have colour vision too. 

I loved being up at the level of the seagulls. Traditionally Sunrise is an active time for birds who produce the dawn chorus. Their singing attracts mates and the dawn chorus happens at a time when daylight isn't bright enough to go foraging. So these photos were taken after the dawn chorus, as the sky gets brighter and taking to the wing in search of food is what birds often next do.

The small parks in the Gorbals provide enough food and shelter for a good population of song birds to exist, as well as the magpies, crows and gulls that are often seen in urban environments.

So why are gulls, magpies and crows so successful in urban areas? They are highly adaptable because they can eat a wide range of foods. This includes human refuse, chips, and even other birds.

About Me

I am a photographer working in Glasgow and Edinburgh who takes photos of families, food and performers. But I also enjoy photography of nature and wildlife and exhibit my work. If you are interested in getting in touch either email me: katecurryphotography-info@yahoo.co.uk or contact me through this website. To see more of my work see my galleries

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