Autumn in Glasgow

I moved to Glasgow from Edinburgh last year. Glasgow feels a greener city to me than Edinburgh. This Autumn I have noticed much more the beautiful changing colours of the leaves on the trees. Glasgow itself has many beautiful parks and many other trees and areas of greenery. Step outside your door and see it!

As everyone knows trees shed their leaves in order to weather the storms and low light levels of the winter. They do this by laying down a layer of cork at the base of the stalks of their leaves. The food making process of the leaves stops before the leaves then drop off. The food making process (photosynthesis) is what gives the leaves their green colour, so this causes the colour changes and the beauty of autumn.

The trees below are beech, oak and London plane - the autumn sun illuminating the tops of the trees and it starts to dip below the horizon in late afternoon. In each of these trees the leaves turn from green to yellow to copper before falling to the ground.

The mixture of green leaves, with splashes of autumn colour make for great photos.

With the leaves dropping from the trees, birds become more visible. It may not feel like it, but in autumn there is a lot of food available for birds. This is in the form of seeds, fruits, nuts and berries. Native berries that birds love include the rowan berries pictured in the photos below and rose hips shown in the foreground in the photo above.

The leaves falling off the birch tree below gives gaps allowing the setting sun to be seen through its delicate spindly branches.

All these beautiful pictures are missing just one thing in front of them - you and your family! I am a photographer based in Glasgow, who also works in Edinburgh. I do family photography, as well as photography of performers. If you are interested in finding out more information, then see my galleries and price lists. You can contact me through this website or email me: info@katecurryphotography.co.uk

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