Red Weather Warning in Glasgow

In early 2018 Glasgow weather was snowy to say the least. A few weeks ago we were also in the midst of a MET Office red weather warning. The snow storms stopped people moving around the city almost completely for a couple of days. So how does a red weather warning storm compare to the other snow storms earlier in 2018 ? How much worse actually was it? As a photographer I just had to take some photos of the phenomena and the stark beauty that occurred amongst the chaos.

The first photos below show the park near me through a window and were taken during a snow storm. It was way too thick to go out with my camera in order to take photos. The further photos are of the park in a brief reprise between snow showers.

I have a flat in central Glasgow with a great view. I couldn't see some of the buildings further away from my flat anymore , whereas earlier in the year it was definitely possible during the snow storms. It was like looking through thick fog - but it was snow. During the red snow warning the snow was so thick buildings in the distance just disappeared. The second phenomena I observed that was different during the red weather warning it was so cold outside that the snow was actually sticking to the window in drifts , which high up in a fourth floor flat doesn't usually happen. Below the photos include snow stuck to the windows.

When I was in the park a flutter of snow did start again, which made the Rose War Memorial even more beautiful. The snow was already really deep.

The snow made me look at the park in a different way. I had never noticed before that there were some bright yellow berries on a holly bush. I didn't even realise prior to the red weather warning that yellow berried holly was a thing. 

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