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Red Weather Warning in Glasgow

Glasgow weather has been pretty snowy this winter to say the least. A few weeks ago we were also in the midst of a red weather warning from the MET. The snow storms halted movement in the city almost completely on a couple of days. So how does this compare to the other snow storms we had earlier in the year? How much worse actually was it? As a photographer I just plain had to take some photos of the phenomena and the stark beauty that occurred amongst the chaos.

The first photos below show the park near me through a window and were taken during a snow storm. It was way too thick to go out with my camera in order to take photos. The further photos are of the park in a brief reprise between snow showers.

So what's the difference between the red warning and the snows earlier this year? I have a flat with a great view of Glasgow. I tried taking photos of buildings further away from the flat and I couldn't, whereas earlier in the year it was definitely possible during the snow storms. During the red snow warning the snow was so thick buildings in the distance just disappeared. The second phenomena I observed that was different was that the snow was actually sticking to the window, which high up usually doesn't happen. Below the photos include snow stuck to the windows.

When I was in the park a flutter of snow did start again, which made the Rose War Memorial even more beautiful. The snow was already really deep.

It was time to leave the park as the snow became thicker, but not before taking a final photo of the beautiful berries on a yellow holly bush - which I didn't realise was a real thing, until the snow made me look at the park harder.

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