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Sunrise over the Gorbals II

Before I left my flat in the Gorbals I went through a phase of taking advantage of the beautiful view I had before it was gone. So this is my second collection of photos taken at sunrise from the fourth floor flat. 

I liked being at the level of the birds. I could see this seagull standing on the roof surveying the world opposite the window. Birds have colour vision also, so it's tempting to think that this gull was also enjoying the sunrise.

It was a chilly morning and so I could see thick clouds of steam coming from nearby chimneys whilst I watched the birds during the sunrise.

I could also see Glasgow Green from my window. The photos above are of The People's Palace on Glasgow Green.

I love that at this height I was also at the level of the birds not only when they roost, but when they fly - watching a bird glide past at the same height as you is pretty awesome.

My view was of the rooftops of Glasgow - I could really see a lot. In this photo you can see: the Old Cotton Mill, Glasgow Club Gorbals, Blessed John Duns Scotus church, City of Glasgow College, Glasgow Cross, Glasgow Cathedral spire and much more.

Out of a different window I could also see the rooftop of the St Francis Community Centre. With the steam and smoke rising behind it I felt it made the crosses on the roof look pretty cool. The crosses had of course been there the whole time I had been living in the flat - and yet it took a moment with a camera in my hand to really notice them for the first time.

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