Cornfield Mini Family Photoshoot

“This high summer we love will pour its light,

the fields grown rich and ragged in the strong moment,

then before we’re ready will crash into Autumn” – Adrienne Rich

Mid-Summer last year I was lucky enough to take a family photoshoot on the edge of a beautiful cornfield filled with wildflowers and poppies. The cornfield was next to the venue of a birthday party I was attending, but with a setting this charming how could I resist? So I took the time to take some photos of some of the family members attending.

This young lady was first to have some pictures taken. She suggested that she wanted to have some photos of her running and jumping along the cornfield's edge.

Family portraits were then taken of the same young lady with her mother and little sister. Her wee sister was very interested in the pretty flowers in the field.

I also took some photos of just mother and daughter together.

Next to get some photos taken was her Auntie. It was actually her Auntie’s 40th birthday party. She looked really beautiful posing next to the cornfield in her glamorous dress.

The birthday girl also has daughters of her own. How lovely that these cousins will grow up around the same age as each other and being able to share so much together and be able to make lots of lovely memories.

About Me

I am a family photographer. I am available to also cover parties and gatherings of all kind. I cover both Glasgow and Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. If you are interested in finding out about booking me then contact me either by email me: info@katecurryphotography.co.uk or contact me through this website. To see more of my work then see my family photography gallery.

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