Maternity Family Photo Shoot, North Berwick

I was asked to take some maternity pregnancy photography in North Berwick. This lovely family already have one daughter and were expecting another wee one soon. The weather outside was nice and sunny which added to the bright, light feel during this indoor session.

  • Family group, North Berwick
  • Father points at daughter during a family photo shoot, North Berwick

The couple's daughter was the life and soul of the party. Bright, friendly and outgoing she shone in each of the photos she is in.

It will be interesting to see how this little ray of sunshine reacts to the new addition when they arrive. Her place as centre of the family will now have to be shared.

Asking their daughter to stand between them, this brought her in line with her Dad's head. This now held fascination - as probably a novel experience. She said it was nice and soft.

  • Family group, North Berwick
  • Family grouping, North Berwick

Now for some snugly shots between Mum and daughter. I was told that the baby has mixed feelings towards big Sis already. Once baby kicked her from inside the womb when she snuggled up to Mum.

  • Daughter cuddle's Mum's pregnant tummy, North Berwick
  • Pregnant mother and her daughter, North Berwick

The following photo looks posed, but wasn't directed at all. This pose was naturally struck and turned out to be perfect for a portrait.

The family were posing in the new baby's room, which was still a relatively clear space. This proved excellent for photos - giving a nice blank canvas to use behind them.

  • A maternity photo of a young girl with her pregnant Mum, North Berwick

Now time for a close-up of the bump itself. Very soon it will be gone again and it is good to have a nice record of the pregnancy in this way.

  • Baby bump and family's hands, North Berwick
  • Baby bump photo with family's hands, North Berwick

For a different feel I moved the couple closer to the window and used natural light for a few photos.

  • Pregnant couple, North Berwick
  • Pregnant couple, North Berwick
  • Pregnant couple kiss, North Berwick

It was at this point that a certain little person started to get restless and wanted to play. Time for a tussle with her Mummy and then she left the photo shoot.

  • Pregnant mother and her family, North Berwick
  • Mum and daughter, North Berwick
  • Mum and daughter, North Berwick

Time for Mum and Dad to have a few more photos together.

  • Pregnant couple, North Berwick
  • Pregnant copule, North Berwick
  • Pregnant couple, North Berwick

Time for a peek-a-boo style shot of the baby bump peeking from behind a wall. This shot just shows how large the bump is at this latter stage of pregnancy.

  • "Peek-a-boo" pregnancy bump, North Berwick

Although the family dog didn't take a formal part of the photos, as a valued family member he definitely deserved his moment also in front of the camera.

  • Beagle, North Berwick
  • Beagle, North Berwick
  • Family pet, North Berwick

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