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Dolphins, Seals and Children, Berwick upon Tweed

Last year I took a boat trip to see dolphins with some family friends, camera in hand. I couldn't have anticipated how fantastic it would be and exactly how much wildlife we would see on the trip run by Berwick Boat Trips.

We started out full of hope but as you can see the British weather made it a bit chilly.

We saw lots of grey seals on the trip, many of whom were interested in the boat and watched us as we passed.

The boat trip took us to a cliff formation called Needles Eye where we saw some nesting guillemots.

We were followed by seagulls. Seagulls have learnt to associate boats with fishing and food. They came up short following our sight-seeing boat though.

It was great to see that even the youngest member of the family was really enjoying being in a boat and seeing the sights.

We saw dolphins! There is a pod of bottlenose dolphins who live off the Berwick coast. It's strange to think that you can see them from the beach. I lived in Berwick for years without knowing that.

The pod was hunting around the area - they eat salmon. Here you can see that they are also visible at times from pier, home of the distinctive Berwick Lighthouse.

We enjoyed being able to see the dolphins jumping for a good half an hour as they fed.

It was really difficult getting the timing of photos right - when they jump it is in unpredictable places and their jumps are quick.....as shown by the photo above. Just a few seconds and a couple of degrees different and that would have been amazing.....

The pod moves around the coast throughout the day, as far afield as Eyemouth, ten miles away. However they are usually around the coast of Berwick during late afternoon to feed.

You can also see here that the train line goes close to the coast at this point. So it's quite exciting to think that some fortunate commuters might be able to watch them from the train. Whether any commuters have ever noticed them however, would be unlikely I fear.

They seemed so playful and powerful. It was amazing to see how active they were when feeding.

We were told that this pod may have migrated down from the Moray Firth and they are doing well in the area.

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