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9 Months Old and His First Two Teeth

We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other;

to meet, to love, to share,

This is a precious moment.

It is a little parenthesis in eternity. - Deepak Chopra

Hiring a family photographer can help you to capture cherished memories of your children as they grow. 9 months old James and his family lives in Glasgow. I visited his family at their home to take photos.

At 9 months James loves exploring and play. His sitting and crawling is fully developed and he likes to get into anything he can! Play is helping him figure out the world around him. It is helping him figure out the physical laws that govern how things move and work. He is also learning more and more every day about his own co-ordination. His mouth is still a favourite place to put things to learn about them - their texture, what they are made of etc. So it's important that toys are robust! That's why starting off the session with an array of toys around him was essential to keeping him engaged.

  • 6 month old with some favourite toys, Glasgow
  • Baby photography, Glasgow
  • 6 month old teething photo, Glasgow
  • Baby photography, Glasgow

One of James' features was his big blue bonnie eyes. It will be interesting to see how he grows into them as he gets older.

  • Big blue eyes, 6 month old baby, Glasgow
  • Baby photography, Glasgow

Next for some close ups of some sweet feet and cute little hands. To show the scale I enlisted the help of his 5 year old big sister.

Now for those two little teeth. Those first two teeth usually come through in the bottom jaw - as with James. This is another reason for toys to be put into his mouth - to help him learn how to chew and to develop those jaw muscles.

James Waving Bye

  • Baby photography, Glasgow

I am a Glasgow photographer who also works in Edinburgh and the surrounding regions. I come to you to take the photos - we can either meet in your home for suitable sessions such as baby photography or at the location of your choice. If you would like more information it can be found here: www.katecurryphotography.co.uk. You can also contact me by email: Katecurryphotography-info@yahoo.co.uk

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