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Copenhagen Trip

Last autumn in Copenhagen I had a holiday with my camera, oh and my husband. It was very expensive but great. They have fantastic museums and of course...a particular little lady whose worth visiting.

Near to THE little lady we found this lady first. I am Queen Mary is a statue which is 'a hybrid of bodies nations and narratives'. She might not look much in my photo, but she's imposing in person. It was created 'to memorialize Denmark’s colonial impact in the Caribbean and those who fought against it.' I found it a really cool sculpture.

Very beautiful and surrounded by a crowd of people, The Little Mermaid really evokes fantastical thought. Of all the mythical creatures I wish mermaids existed. I met a woman once who told me she used to live on a boat and saw mermaids. She said they were pretty ugly, with a fin down the back of their head and wrinkled pointed faces. They were swimming near her boat and she would have just thought they were dolphins until she saw their hands come out of the water when they were swimming. The statue is a bit off the harbour's edge. Perched in a large expanse of water, it does evoke the imagination to wonder what's underneath the waves you are walking near. It really does spark images of mermaids climbing out of the sea, perhaps in some unwatched corner of the world.

We also went to Christiansborg Palace, where we met this horse . He was Christian V’s favourite horse, stuffed in the 1600s. He’s pretty old, but looks good. He was stuffed not on all fours – but mid gallop – with all four legs off the ground. He was pretty cool.

One good thing to do in Copenhagen is go to cafes and bars. The beer is good and so is the food. I especially liked the Smørrebrød (open sandwiches). My favourite was with a poached egg, capers, beetroot, some kind of sauce and lots of other stuff. Really nice. But really, really expensive – everything in Denmark is really expensive.

The café culture is very suitable because it also a city full of tourist attractions and museums. Our feet hurt a lot, so finding nice centrally placed cafes with good food and drink was great.

One of the last places we went was the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. It's a beautiful museum full of historical statues. It includes a large room full of busts of Roman emperors, as well as mummies and statuary from many other periods. It's pretty cool.

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