5 Quick, Effective Kids Photography Tips

I am a Photographer who takes candid family photography in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. I was asked recently to come along to a beautiful family garden to take photos some family portraits outside of three 'Tweenies'. I am talking here of course about 'pre-teen's, not the pre-school characters of the same name!

1. Stay Interactive

Part of the challenge when taking family photography where your subjects have hormones that are starting to kick in, is keeping their interest. One fun way of doing this is to suggest: 'I'll think of a photography pose, then one of you gets a turn to think of a pose.' I've got to say - with a bit of photography know how added in the background, they come with some pretty fun ideas. It means that control is shared - don't be afraid of that.

2. Look At The Light

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This tree was on the edge of the garden, with a path running behind it and a large thicket of trees on the other side of the path. None of this showed up - light behind the tree levels was much lower, as it was shaded. The shade is enough to make the background appear black. This means the girls are nicely picked out from the background and it makes for a good photo.

3. Background, Background, Background

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When given access to such a gorgeous garden it's a good idea to take advantage of that. However when taking garden photos you don't want the background to fight with the main subjects - this is where it pays to try to defocus the background, but also to pick something pretty, but with nothing too focus-steeling in it. This wild embankment works perfectly for this.

4. Rule of Thirds

  • Family Photography Session
  • Family Photography Session
  • Family Photography Session

In photography there's something called 'the rule of thirds'. If you segment this photo into equal thirds lengthways each of our tweenies sits in one of the thirds - this makes for a visually interesting photo.

5. Pull Faces!

The aim of outdoor lifestyle photography is to show the character and reality of the lives of your subjects. My favourite tip is to not take family photographs too seriously. Say "Okay, let's now do a stupid one. Pull faces ladies, pull faces!" - Simple yet powerful words to both keep your subjects engaged with the process, but also to produce some really fun and spontaneous photos. Question - which ones do you prefer and which one do you think they will prefer?? You can also get some fantastic 'characters' really showing themselves on the screen - a far cry from the sanitized 'now everyone behave' photos that are often seen in family photography. Turn childhood memories of play in cherished memories by taking photos of them at play.

About Me

If you are interested in some spontaneous, fun, photos then let me know! I am a Glasgow photographer and I also work as a photographer in Edinburgh. You can find more examples of my Edinburgh and Glasgow photography in my galleriesContact me through this website or email me: info@katecurryphotography.co.uk

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