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8 Milestones Of A 7 Month Old Edinburgh Cutie-Pie

I had the joy of taking a family photography session for Edinburgh friends of mine. Their beautiful bundle of joy, Ivy, had just celebrated her 7 month birthday. It was a good opportunity to record some of the milestones she had reached. When children are young different development stages can happen fleetingly and there's a danger that they can be soon forgotten - everything changing so fast.

I am an in-home photographer - so I travelled through to Edinburgh to their home to take this family and pet photography session. We started the session with baby photography inside when cutie-pie Ivy was having lunch. How she managed to get it up her nose I don't know....

Milestone 1 - Eating Solids But Still Drinking Milk

  • Edinburgh Family Photo Shoot
  • Edinburgh Family Photo Shoot

Miss Ivy can't walk yet or even fully crawl, but enjoys 'exploration' time on the floor - shuffling and using a whole host of methods to move around to where she wants to be. 

Milestone 2 - Sitting

  • Edinburgh Family Photo Shoot

Initially sitting would involve using her arms also to help her prop herself up. But now she is past that phase and sitting up frees little Ivy's hands for exploration - which leads to our next milestone...

Milestone 3 - Pivoting To Pick Something Up

  • Edinburgh Family Photo Shoot

Milestone 4 - Commando Crawling

  • Edinburgh Family Photo Shoot

When babies learn to sit up, they start to lunge forward and learn how to start getting mobile. The world around them is far too exciting to stay sitting still! Ivy here was moving over every square inch of the floor that she could. Proper crawling may be a few months off yet for Ivy. Each baby will have their own style for learning how to move around at first, for example Ivy was using 'commando crawling' - moving about on her tummy.

Milestone 5 - Rolling Over

  • Edinburgh Family Photo Shoot
  • Edinburgh Family Photo Shoot

Rolling over and over gives Ivy another way of being mobile and moving from one place to another. It looks pretty fun too  - Ivy's view must be twirling around as she moves about. 

Milestone 6 - Peek-A-Boo

  • Peek a boo

I can still see you .... 

Ivy's arms are strong enough to pick up a cushion and hold it up to hide behind.      

Next came some mother and baby photography before also bringing in Daddy.

Milestone 7 - Walking With Help

  • Edinburgh Family Photo Shoot
  • Edinburgh Family Photo Shoot
  • And baby makes four...

Taking the photography session outside into the garden allowed us to take some more shots of the family together. 

Milestone 8 - Exploring Her Surroundings With Her Hands

Edinburgh Family Photo Shoot

At this age Ivy likes to explore people's faces using her hands given half the chance. At this age all types of exploration are just fascinating. Unfortunately for parents, this means grabby hands poking at your eyes, nose and mouth.

  • Edinburgh Family Photo Shoot
  • Edinburgh Family Photo Shoot
  • Edinburgh Family Photo Shoot

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