The Value of Old Photos

Some of my greatest treasures are old photos that bring back childhood memories . I have been taking photos, as with most photographers, since I was young - about 9 years old. I recently had a clear-out, keeping only those with the best memories for me. What did I find out? That happy photos of happy times are worth keeping. Was I a child genius, taking amazing photos? Nope. Were they of all the most significant events in my life? Erm nope. They were of my friends, family, pets and the houses we used to live in. I love being able to look back at all the details that my feeble human brain has completely forgotten by now.

Mostly I provide lifestyle photography - of you and your family and friends in their natural setting, doing natural things. Why? See below! Those are the things that will have an emotional connection for you in years to come.

My friend Add, during high school. She is still my very good friend 20+ years later.

The usual response to that picture, from the friend pictured above, is 'I loved that jacket.' So I'm doubly happy I captured it for her on film!

My two Dutch cousins and my Aunt

During the summer holidays my Dutch relatives would come and stay. I cannot overemphasise how much I loved it. I invented a little club - my cousins and I - and would prepare things for us to do weeks in advance. Whether they actually ever agreed to be in the clubs I invented I'm not sure! But it was one of the highlights of my year! If I didn't love them so much, why on earth else would I have taken a photo of my aunt just reading the paper?

Party - high school....

So I wasn't the wildest of students! The photos above are mostly of a birthday party sleepover. What's pretty cool is that I scanned these and put them on my personal Facebook page. It sparked a conversation between this disparate group of people - who haven't seen each other in years. We are currently organising to meet up again soon. After 20 years - who does that? Old photos have a magical power all of their own.....transportation back to friends you may have lost otherwise.

Siblings....from before I was born

My mum was moving house and clearing the loft out. I helped her (a bit) and came across a box of slides. They were old slides and I had to get them transferred into digital images to be able to look at them. They were all taken well before I was born. Much more meaning for my siblings than I - I don't even know which one is which in these pictures. Are they well taken? Erm nope. Do they hold a lot of meaning none the less? Erm yes! Treasure which would have gone unlooked at and unloved if I hadn't rescued them.

In a time when photographers pay for pre-sets they can use on Photoshop to make photos look old, it strikes me that these genuine vintage photos are pretty cool.

What's the moral of the story? Why share these with you? What are the take away messages? Firstly take photos of memories you treasure. Consider asking a professional to come and take some too! You will think that you will remember certain times and places - but you won't. The details will escape you. Just how short was your one year old? Just how cute and innocent looking? It's the normal times and places that deserve recognition. Secondly, print your photos! Who knows what digital format is next around the corner? Who knows when your computer or phone will break and you will lose everything you have taken?  Also a physical photo can be cross-generational - I have photos of my great grandmother - who we wouldn't be able to see face to face if it wasn't in print.

About Me

I am a Glasgow family and portrait photographer, who also works in Edinburgh. I am mobile - so I come to you. Allow me to help capture your precious moments - pregnancy, newborns, babies up to the age of one, family groups or occasions. Why not book a Glasgow photoshoot?

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